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Fan Club: Hi everyone it has been a few months since the last info letter, so many changes to tell you all about, I hope to get to all of the topics in this issue. Please remember I need your stamps/dues whatever it is the new year and the stamp fund is low, thanks to several of you that sent extra just to help out like Rich West. Editing note, I do not go through this info letter with a fine tooth comb for mistakes. I am lucky just to get it out in time anymore. There are a lot more of you fans now, 6,000 or more!!!!!!! Yes it was better with just a few hundred, remember be careful what you wish for you may get it. Please write, e-mail or PO Box I answer the e-mail right away but the post mail I have become a bit slow on. Video/"B" Cassette: I am no longer making free cassettes or videos. I am sorry but things got out of hand the request were coming in from all around the country and other countries too!!! If you REALLY want some video of Mike Score when his hair was up in wings let me know, and we will see if I can help.

Trivia Contest: The first question is: What is Tory's favorite color?? Who is Tory you ask well read on. The second question is: What was the first video Mike was seen doing the wing du? As to last issues question it was The "Blizzard Tour" So send in those answers and you will receive a shirt or whatever Mike allows.

New Band Members: September 1st Dean (Bass) and John (Drums) left the Flock for other opportunities. I am still in contact with the both of them so if you have any messages, send them to me and I will see that they recieve any of your letters. Dean really wants to thank all you fans, the support at both the shows and calling the radio stations. John had all the same positive things to say "we are both on good terms with Mike it was just that we needed a break and relax we toured straight for over a year, we needed some down time." Both stated to me that they would never forget how you fans treated them. We all will miss Dean and John but the Flock must move on so I will introduce the new members.

Tory (Bass): Born in Florida June 22,19XX Favorite color you have to ask Tory at a show.

Food: Chocolate truffles.

Male singer: Chet Baker (sorry Mike).

Female singer: Dionne Warwick.

Movie: Basquait.

I was able to interview Tory over the phone and I must say she was awesome friendly, funny, smart and best of all she called me long distance and paid for the call, ha ha ha. Here are the questions I asked Tory.

BM: You are the first female member to the Flock (other than the gilrs that did back up vocals in Dream Come True) what do you bring to the band that may help the Flock soar again over the air waves?

Tory: Back up vocals for one thing, many of Mike's love songs work well with female vocals in the back ground. I am also working on some original music/lyrics. A women's point of view may be what the Flock needs for the twenty first century!!! ha ha ha.

BM: Were you always a Flock Fan?

Tory: Yes "I Ran" it was so ahead of it's time, and Mike's hair. I purchased the Telecom/Moderen Love EP back then before the first album was released.

BM: How do Like touring?

Tory: I love it all the fans, the cities and the down time, you are able to read or listen to music while on the road, then you are performing for a club full of screaming fans!!!!!

BM: Is this your first time with a national act?

Tory: I was in a band "Potential Frenzy" a power pop trio based out of Fl. kind a like a cross between Clash meets the GO GO's. We released "Sugar Buzz" on Naked Eye records in 1996. I played bass, vox and even some guitar. Before that "Creamettes" an all girl band, did 50-60s music played bass and vox. Another band "Walking Cliche" A post punk band, released "If Lust Could Kill" on Spilled Milk records in 1986 played vox and guitar. I have developed a wide variety of musical talent throughout my career.

BM: How can the fans contact you and ask questions without going through me?

Tory: I can answer fan mail as time permits. My e-mail address is I am on tour and I have other interest so I may not have time for all your letters but I will try to answer as many as time permits.

Marc: (Drums) Well I am a little behind schedule and the interview with Marc it is not yet completed as I go to print, I am sorry we will feature Marc in the April issue.

Ed: (Guitar) He is doing great he has moved to Florida and is working on several different projects. He loves to read the fan mail so please send some!!!!! Ed "I like to read the mail while on the road, it brings me closer to the fans before the show".

Lose Ends: I missed a CD in the last issue- "Story Of A Young Heart" and the brand new CD "Wishing" released this month December-96 Disky Communications Verlengde Lageweg 19, 1628 PM Hoorn, The Netherlands. As to the new "Live In Rochester NY" It will be ready (I hope) by spring. I was at that show by the way!!!

Web Page: Scott Hungarter is asking to step down as page master, it has become a bit time consuming with the updates and all. So if anyone out there has a computer with a scanner and would like to take over the web site let Scott know. I have my hands full with the PO Box mail and e-mail but will help out as needed.

Tour Dates: I can not seem to get this topic under control. This is what I am going to try to get Mike Score to do, it is up to you fans to follow through. The 800 line may be set up with a recording that may list the club dates for the next month or so. I do not get the dates in time to send them off to Scott and sometimes they change the time or place and I get slammed for not updating the web page. So this way an answering machine can be changed and you fans can call anytime to find out where the Flock are playing. If you have a better idea let me know.

Merchandise: All the goodies are still for sale shirts hats etc. wish I had my jacket from Jamie before they were discontinued!! So if you need a Flock shirt just write to Savant or give them a call. I DO NOT SELL STUFF. I am a fan just like you ,not a T-shirt company. As to "Rainfall" the video well I am not sure what stage it is in but you may get to see it by spring. The new album is also in the works. In Closing: I am changing the format of the info letter. It will be released four times a year, but now will contain several more pages of information. Many requested more interviews well I hope this issue is a good start. The next letter will be out in April, July and then October/November not sure let me work on April for now. I have had a employment change and my time at home has become restricted so I have Laura Moranz helping out in many areas, thank you Laura. Laura was given the task of interviewing Mike Score and I thought a CD review would be interesting so the next two pages are all hers.

Frank Maudsley: I have Frank's address and have been in contact with him in the past few months so if you wish to send him some mail just send it to me, I will see that he gets it. He still lives in England and is working on a several new projects of his own.

The next issue will be released in April. We also have a young Flock fan that has been under the weather so get better Amanda Lambart so you can see the Flock live in concert!

Bill Molyneaux

There is also a two page interview with Mike Score but unable to e-mail that section. This info letter is going out Sunday January 23, 1997 and it was a bitch to put together but well worth it!!!! Thanks you new members for all your help!


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