A Flock of Seagull's info letter August 1995

Hi Flock Fans:

I have received an enormous amount of mail, and please keep it coming. Mike really wants to hear from you. In regards to questions, I will try to answer some of them now. If you want more info, send a S.A.S.E. with your questions and I'll see that Mike receives them.

As to the fan club: I met Mike several years ago (1982) and have kept in touch with him ever since. In 1993 I explained to Mike that he still has a lot of fans out there searching for flock material and info, and yes, I can contact Mike at any time.

What's old: Ali Score (Mike's brother) lives in the states, Paul Reynolds is living in England playing jazz and Frank Maudsley is still selling antiques. I know a lot of you want many of the old videos and we hope to have a solution to the copyright laws soon?

What's new: August 12th, 1995 A Flock of Seagulls performed in Elmira, New York (my current place of residence). The show was excellent featuring many new titles and some old hits as well. If you can find the time to see them live, do so. Mike and the guys were really great to all, with the guys signing autographs for over an hour and answering questions, etc.

Mike hopes to have an official catalog out soon. Shirts, hats, etc. with an 800 number to call, but the tour is currently consuming all of his time, including the filming of new new video "Rainfall" as Sea World. "Burnin' Up" faild to make it on M.T.V. or V.H.1. As for negative topics, I'd rather not comment about Big Shot records other than the 800 number was pulled on July 25th and all questions regarding the flock should be sent to the fan club. Please send Mike some mail. He never recieved several packets that I sent to Big Shot (supposedly lost). So now, fan mail is sent directly to Mike's home. If you want your letters to go to A.J., Dean, or Ed's home, let me know and I will send it direct. As to the new members, they are all enjoying the recent success with "The Light At The End Of The World" and the constant touring - Meeting both new and old fans.

Money: I am not here trying to rip anyone off, but the fan club is totally financed by selling a few CDs and the yearly $5.00 dues. I currently receive no other financial or physical help from Big Shot, so if you haven't mailed your $5.00 your name will be pulled from the mailing list. It's not that I'm a jerk, but the mailing cost this month was nearly $400.00 with a $180.00 deficit that I made up. Don't worry, I haven't come this far to quit running the fan club!

In conclusion, this organization is geared totally for the fans by myself and Mike Score with no interference from any record labels that is common in many fan clubs. All letters are personally handled by me. Your names and addresses will never be given out to anyone (magazine company) so don't worry. And for those of you trying to call me, don't. I have a real job and do not have the time to talk on the phone with over 1,000 fans. So send me your questions and I will format the answers in the next info letter (mid September). As time progresses, I hope to be more organized with the info letter.

Bill Molyneaux

P.S. Money orders or cash only. I have had a couple checks bounce (most depressing - someone can't cover a $5.00 check). I do not have the time to hunt someone down for $5.00.