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Waverly, NY 14892

Hi Flock Fans:


A Flock of Seagulls info letter (late)

What's New: Big Shot records are history, they no longer represent AFOS, Mike, or myself. If any of you hear negative comments from B.S. about the Flock or the fan club, IGNORE them. Mike has authorized me to inform you fans that he made nothing from the new CD "The Light At The End Of The World". B.S. failed to promote the CD properly and used me to the max without Mike's knowledge. B.S. is !@#$%^&*, etc. As to record labels, The Flock has received several offers including a label that is very familiar to all of you old fans.

Merchandise is now available, all you have to do is call the new 800 number for your flock merchandise. 1-800-846-5852. This is for shirts, hats, etc. Write to me for flock fan facts or the new American On Line GLMMIS.

What's Old: Many of you slammed me on the song list; I forgot one title and everyone had a cow, or should it be a seagull. The song was "Cosmic - Effects of The Sun" released in 1986 as an E.P. on the Jive/Zomba label.

Old Mateerial: I will help any of you in finding whatever you're looking for. I am not selling flock stuff, but I may be able to send you to the right place for what you might be searching for.

Videos: I can not sell videos without the F.B.I. pounding down my door, but if you mail me a blank tape or two and a few dollars for postage, I will return the video tapes to you in a few weeks. Please specify old or new flock material. I am trying to locate three videos: 1983 US Festival, M-TV New Years Eve Bash 1983, and Live in Britain featured on M-TV may of 1983.

Contest: Many of you were asking about contest so here is my first contest. The first fan to reply by mail PO Box 382 in Waverly, NY will win a free CD of Listen. This contest has no connection with the 800 number, therefore you must write and since not everyone has a computer, the American On Line address will not be a valid way to answer.

The question is Mike Score was in a band prior to A Flock of Seagulls by the name of TON TRIX; what instrument did Mike play?

That is it for now and send Mike and the guys some mail!

P.S. I hope to be more punctual with the info letter, but there were several problems that needed to be worked out. Thank you for understanding.

Mike Score: Vocals/Keyboards Ed Berner: Guitar Deano Pichette: Bass A.S. Mazzetti: Drums