They put a lot of energy into the show (the rocked up version of "Wishing", my personal favorite, was a big surprise!) Even though Mike was getting over a bad cold, he still gave 110%. The whole band played tight and hard. After the show, they came out and signed autographs and talked to the fans. For someone like me, it was a "Dream Come True". The Flock is soaring again! If they hit town somewhere near you, I strongly recommend you go and see them... you won't be disappointed. This review was submitted by Donald Stroud II Palo Alto, CA.

Video material: Send me two blank VHS tapes and some stamps to cover the return postage. I will return them in a few weeks.

Rare "B" side material: Send one 90 minute tape. Yes, it will contain "Effects of the Sun". Please send no money, only stamps to cover postage. I can not profit from doing this.

Eddie "B" Berner was introduced to Mike Score through a member of a band he was playing with (1987). Ed began full time rehearsal with Mike in the spring of 1988 this all occurred in Philadelphia, PA. The rest is "Hair Story". Ed is featured on the GNP/Crescendo EP "Magic", released in 1989.

Ed's guitar list are ESP Custom, Customized Fender Stratocaster, and most important his favorite, the "Mutt". Which consists of bits and pieces of a few guitars including: a Strat, BC Rich and Ibanez.

Ed's favorite color is black, he's 29 years old, and lives in California.

Next issue will contain biographies on Dean (Bass) and if you haven't heard A.J. has left the band for other pastures. John is the new Drummer and he is single and a young 27, looking for that special girl.

Mike is forming a record label of his own, he learned a lesson from the Big Shot deal. "The Light at the End of the World" will be re-released this spring along with a video and a single of "Rainfall". Mike has decided on calling his label "Savant". Next issue will cover this topic further. As this info letter goes to print "Rainfall" may already be on assorted music video channels.

The Trivia contest: This seems to have become the favorite section for many of you. Mike seemed to think my questions were too easy so he will personally handle the trivia questions. Last December my question was: What video was featured on Halloween night, 1983? "It's Not Me Talking" is the correct answer. Our two winners were Dave Cohen of Skokie, Il. and Tom Lance of Harrisburg, PA. They both received a greatest hits CD.

This month's trivia question was going to be: The Flock sang this Buds for you to the music of? "Telecommunication" BUT Mike said that's too easy, so here is Mike's question. The "Story of a Young Heart" was produced by who AND you must name his nick name for his productions. This is really hard for I had to search through some obscure 12inch EP to find the answer (Hint). Second trivia question (yest two) is: the UK version of "A Flock of Seagulls" the first L.P. included one extra song than the American version, name that song.

The first reply by mail only will win, you may only try for one of the two. If you want a shirt please list size and color or a greatest hits CD UK import by Eporio. Remember the first reply by mail wins and you may enter for either question but not both.