How do I Find it? None of the following stores are connected with the fan club or the Flock, but those of you searching for those missing 12inch records or rare CDs, this may help:
Vintage Emporium (607) 565-2190 CDs "Listen" and other rare CDs (yes, this is my local record store).
Vinyl Vendors (310) 275-1444 These guys have many EPs, photos and other items.
Esprit Mail Order (415) 344-1360 "Story of a Young Heart" Expensive $28.00
Yesterday-Today Many 7inch records, 1327-J Rockville Pike, MD 20852
Crescendo they still have "Magic" (213) 656-2614 (1989) on CD
Big Shot Records HA HA HA HA HA It was time for some humor.
A Flock of Seagulls 200 Tangelo Ave. Fern Park, FL 32730 (800) 846-5852
This is the official merchandise address for shirts and CDs.
If you still need more help, let me know, I'll scribble off a note to your questions the best that I can. Expect a delay in my reply for I'm only one guy with over 1,400 fans quite an increase for the Flock and myself.

Please send me some mail with your questions and I will format them into the next info letter. I want all of you to know Mike, Ed, Dean, and John actually read EVERY letter that is sent in and then I'm quizzed by one of them "Did you send this fan a reply?"

Here is a report on my most recent visit with A Flock of Seagulls which occurred on Saturday 10th and 11th February 1996 at "Tink's of Scranton PA.

My wife and I had secured a room in the same hotel as the Flock. I was in the lobby searching for some tourist information when Ed walked in. He saw me and said "Did you bring our mail", I of course had. Ed came down to our room and went over the mail and we discussed the next info letter. I went down to Tinks and listen to the sound check and discussed assorted topics with Mike and the rest of the guys. This is when Dean and I asked Mike why don't you play the guitar anymore? Mike responded that Ed is able to cover all needs of that instrument, also it's rough playing both synth and guitar. I responded by stating that Mike at one time played both synth and guitar for the song "Man Made" Mike then joked with me that he could play the drum also while still playing the other two instruments.

Later that night the crowd was intense and many fans were unable to get inside since the show was sold out by 10:00PM. This place held over 1,000 people and I'm sure there were several extra hundred, standing room only. I was surprised to meet several people that belong to the fan club that traveled several hours to catch the show. Eric Branch made the jaunt from Buffalo NY which is a good five hour drive to Scranton PA in the winter.

the Flock played extremely tight and I talked to several people after the show and they were really surprised how the songs sounded so good for being a live show. The local television station had to run a special bulletin at 10:30 for the Scranton police informing everyone that the show was sold out and that the traffic in the downtown district was chaotic.

I bet many of you wish that A Flock of Seagulls could come and play at your home town. Well, Laura Moranz of Newburgh Indiana has them playing at her local bar the "Inferno" on February 24th, 1996. The March issue will contain a report from her describing how she was able to pull off every Flock of Seagulls greatest wish. I have spoken to her several times and it's not as easy to get everything organized as you might think. I know this first hand, because the Flock appeared at Elmira NY back in August 1995.

Well that's about all for now, the next issue will be out late sometime in March probably the third week. Please send me your questions and send some mail for the flock to read.

Bill Molyneaux