A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter May-June 1996

Hi everyone the Flock are on tour again and I hope everyone checks them out. At a live show you can meet the band, for all of you girls out there you can slam Dean on the last info letter. The tour dates are located on the web page. (no room to list).

Contact numbers:
Web Page-http://snhungar.Kings.edu(ScottHungarter)
This is excellent work please check it out!

Bill Molyneaux - BMAFOS@AOL.com or P.O. Box 382 Waverly,NY 14892


Merchandise address-afos300Tangelo Ave. Fern Park Fl. 32730 (800)-846-5852 (I hope)

All right everyone this is it we need your help, "Rainfall" has been mailed out to over a thousand radio stations. Please call your local stations and bug the hell out of them for the new song by A Flock Of Seagulls-"Rainfall." The single should be in the stores in the next few days. The video has some problems and is being delayed by a few weeks do to M-TV,the video must be brought down to three minutes. I'm sorry I can not make copies for you fans of this video since it will be for sale in stores later this summer.

Video Material: Send me two blank video tapes and at no charge I'll send them back full of Flock videos please allow a few weeks. Please send some stamps for the return postage. "B" side tape, this thing is great contains songs like "Effects Of The Sun" and two tracks from Mike's band prior to AFOS "Tontrix." Just send me a blank ninety minute cassette and you will also receive an awesome cassette jacket produced by Mark Counts. Mark is a fan like you he sent me some ideas for artwork and I'm using the design for the "B" tape. Mike is currently discussing future ideas with Mark, one day a fan and the next day you are working for Mike Score! Is this a cool club or what. If you have any problems with your tapes please let me know and I'll re-tape them for you, I'm sorry the quality is not the best but it' better than nothing. What can you expect for free any ways.

Info Letter: After this mailing anyone who has not sent me stamps or $5.00 for a one year subscription will be removed from the mailing list. Sorry but I have been a victim of corporate downsizing and can not afford to mail out to several hundred people anymore. Many of you, have sent in extra stamps to help keep the letters coming, thank you. If I receive enough support mail requesting an info letter for mid June I'll send one out but I need to hear from you fans if it was up to Mike Score he would have me sending an info letter every other month, he doesn't want me to get burnt out. I have this new 486 computer and printing the letters will be a snap, I will be adding color tot he next issue.

Dean: Wow did he get some slam letters from you girls, I think he enjoyed hearing the complaints though even I get tired of reading letters asking about Mike's hair, you know it has been almost fifteen years! I know you want information on John the drummer, well I don't have much at least I know a lot but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to print or what's fit to print. Next issue will feature John to the max!

Bill's Merchandise: Mike sent me some posters to help me out financially you may order them for a mere $5.00 and a dollar for postage. These are the"Burnin' Up" type. I still have a few copies of vinyl 12inch of"Burnin'Up" these are going for $12.00 this includes shipping. As for C.D.s the import type, please give my local record store a call sometimes it takes them a while but they do find many items for Flock fans. (607) 565-2190 Ask for Will. As for "Dream Come True" this CD yes it was released on CD by Bee-Hive only 1,000 copies were produced. Anyway my copy cost over $100 dollars back in 1992. I am trying to talk Mike into re-releasing it so send some request for "Dream Come True"

New Projects: Mike has hinted at a five CD set for only fan club members this would include a video a shirt and new and old music. This will be of limited printing. I was told less than 5,000 copies. Yeah I will probably take the first 1,000 for my own collection. I think this idea is set up for late fall, just in time for Christmas. If thing falls apart don't get mad at me I only print future ideas, this is still not yet confirmed.