Scott Hungarter: This Flock fan runs the Web Page for me at no charge. Any ways he also has a C.D. of his own music out there. His CD is Great it reminds me of "Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark" or "The Thought" and if any of you heard of "Space Monkeys" well buy a copy of "Halflife". Here is the address: or snail mail SingleBitCommunications 512 NorthamptonSt. Edwarsville,PA 18704 Please let Scott know you really like the Flock Of Seagulls Web Page. He bailed me out this past week you see Savant just got on line but no web page. Many people expected one and when USA today called to review "Rainfall" and interview me I was able to send them to the Official page of A Flock Of Seagulls! Thank you Scott you really helped me out.

Fans: Many of you have helped me out in the past several years, and especially during this past year with the Big Shot disaster. So thank you: Ken Wilkerson,Jamie Anderson , Jay Willingham, Anita Potter, Mark Counts, Scott Hungater,Tom Schmitt,Mike Score of course and Dean,Ed ,John and Laura Moranze the ultimate fan!

Trivia Contest: Eric and Robert finally got their stuff. Last issues' question were. What did Mike Score do prior to A Flock Of Seagulls? Mike was a hair dresser. Barb B of West Virginia and Bob Temple were this months winners. I will have Jamie send them a shirt I can't promise the color but it will be free. As to this months questions the first one is. What actress was featured on the record jacket of "Who's That Girl"? The second question is of the current band members who's has been with Mike the longest? Remember you have 21 days to respond by anyway you wish snail mail e-mail BMAFOS so go for it. Laura Moranz helped out with the first one and I asked Mike and he didn't know the first one so he said "It's a hell of a lot better than the hair dresser one".

I get so much mail about "Dream Come True " I thought it might be an interesting topic for Mike to explain what really happened to that album. I think "Whole Lot Of Loving " is one of Mike's best songs and it's featured on the "B" tape. Mike Score. "The problem came when we tried to get more serious and inventive for the fourth album. After Paul left , I ended up doing the record on Fairlight Synthesizer and just adding other musicians to get certain textures on the tunes. I feel that "Heart Beat Like A Drum" and "Who's That Girl" were fine tracks but "Better & Better" or "Whole Lot Of Loving" may have gotten the album soaring. The past fan clubs were operated by companies and I had little knowledge of their operations. This current club is overseen by me (Mike Score) and operated by Bill Molyneaux who has the ability to gather all of you fans around the country and get a message out to those radio stations! Play" "Rainfall".

Many of you girls want to know who is free to date? Well all four members are currently single, yes including Mike Score. I hope one of you ladies get the opportunity to marry Dean, I'm married and I think it would cool his jets down fast! I hope many of you try to see the Flock in the next few months and for tour dates just try out the web page.

Savant Records: Well here is the address: Savant Records 3001 Aloma Ave. Winter Park, Fl. 32792 Suite#204 or you may fax them at 1 (407) 673-3802 please do not call them looking for Mike and the guys. I will be happy to forward any messages on but Ken is a one man show and just doesn't have the time for questions right now. Anyway that is what I'm here for. Also Savant1@nebual.i Well what do you fans want? Mike now has his own record label and has the ability to create CDs at a moments notice. Do you want to see a complete box set of the old tunes or some current music that just hasn't made it on a CD as of yet. Let me know and I'll try to lobby for "A Dream Come True" no matter what. As to the fan club let me know what you want to read. More on the past or more on the present or the future? This is an area that I get confused about. I long to see Mike up in the hair again but then I have to remind myself that it is 1996 and the 80's are long since gone. The neat thing for me is the new young 15to18 year old kids asking about A Flock Of Seagulls thinking that they are some new band. I feel sorry for these kids they missed out on such bands as: Men Without Hats,O.M.D.,Simple Minds,Wire Train,Devo,Wall Of Vodo, Joe King Carscoe,Slow Children. What a list of 80's new wave groups.

If someone out there sees the Flock live let me know I'll feature your experience in the next info letter. Many fans that were never able to get close to Mike back in the 80's are now able to see his synthesizer, and how it works. I remember when Mike had the Bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise on stage. He has dropped most of the extra boards. (sorry for the slam Mike). Bill Molyneaux Send me some mail if you want an info letter in June!