A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter July 1996
~"Rainfall" Tour of 1996~

Contact numbers:   Web Page-http://snhungar.Kings.edu/AFOS.html (Scott Hungarter) Check it out!
Bill Molyneaux- BMAFOS@AOL.com or P.O. Box 382 Waverly, NY 14892
Savant Records- Savant1@nebula.ispace.com Fax-407-673-3802
Savant Records 3001 Aloma Ave. #204 Winter Park,FL 32792
Please send ALL checks for merchandise to the Savant address above made out to A Flock Of Seagulls. Please allow a few weeks for delivery.
Merchandise number-1-800-846-5852 Direct to Savant records.

Rainfall: The single is out in stores many of you wrote to me that some record stores did not have both the new single and the re-release of "The Light At The End Of The World." Well it is for sale, and my local record store has them along with other Flock Of Seagull C.D.s. I do not have time to sell old C.D.s, that many of you seem to be looking for so call Vintage Emporium @ 607-565-2190 ask for Will. Vintage Emporium has stocked up on the classics at a decent price such as "Listen" and "A Story Of A Young Heart." Will has helped out the fan club and any business you can send his way is appreciated.

Rainfall: The Video has a release date of July 6,1996 on M.T.V./V.H.1. It should be ready for retail sale in a few weeks after that. The web page will contain an update on this release date or send me a note and I'll let you know. Please be considerate about the 800 line but if all else fails give 'em a call I do not want anyone missing out on a copy of the new video "Rainfall."

Fan Club: Please, if you are a newbie send a mere $5.00 or some stamps to the P.O.box address above for mailing cost for the next year. I am not getting rich doing this and any extra stamps really come in handy. Thanks to all you that sent in their dues this past month. Many of you sent in raving reviews on the past issue (May-June), I am glad you all liked it. I will include tour dates from now on since many of you did complain about lacking the ability to access the Web Site.

Fan Club video/cassette B tracks: This is the deal, send two blank video tapes and one 90min cassette and give me a few weeks and I'll send them back with Flock footage. PLEASE send NO money only some stamps to cover the return postage. I can not profit from doing this service. I hate to see bootleggers charging Flock fans $20-$100 for a Flock video that is out of production that Mike doesn't even receive royalties from! No one is making money from the videos, this is just a way to say thank you for supporting A Flock Of Seagulls. "Rainfall" will be for sale soon it is not included on my videos.

Trivia Contest: This is still the most written to section of the info letter and it should be I'm giving away free stuff.ha ha. Last month's questions were-What actress was featured on the record jacket of "Who's That Girl"? Lauren Bacall was the answer. The other question was, of the current band members who has been with Mike the longest? Eddie Berner has been with Mike for over the past eight years. I asked Ed about his career with Mike and this is how he put it. "It's been a tough road the last eight and