a half years with Mike. We have had our ups and downs in the past. But I feel the new album "The Light At The End Of The World" stands up to anything the Flock has ever put out! All the hard work we've put into this band will soon pay off. All we can do is keep on knocking on the door-someone sooner or later is going to answer and with all you fans calling the radio stations requesting "Rainfall" is helping out. Thank you". Eddie Berner

When calling radio stations please be polite and do not bug them continuously, I have had a couple of radio directors call and say it was a little overkill. Oh well at least everyone is waking up to the fact that A Flock Of Seagulls are back, and are still cranking out great music!

As to the winners of last month's questions, well I do not know! I screwed it up, things here became a little unorganized. The two winners were informed by me that they won! I sent off all the mail to Mike, yes he reads it. I forgot to write down their names so whoever out there was informed by me that they won let me know. I am not an air head it's just The Flock are soaring again and I am only one person handling the fan mail so there are times I may seem unorganized. So let me know who you are and I'll send you out something. I am trusting all you fans not to take advantage of me in this screw up of mine.

This months question is: What moped did Mike cruise around on during the "Listen" tour of 1983? Second question is: Dean likes all Flock Of Seagull Songs but one name that tune? or if you feel that is to tough what is John's (Drums) favorite song by the Flock? These answers are available direct from the band members at a club near you!

Tour Dates: All future info letters will contain the tour dates if I have them. The following dates may change and many more clubs are do to be announced. If driving a long distance please verify that time place and date are correct. I do not want anyone missing a show do to an error by me. As to tour schedules, I receive some updates so you can contact me for any other dates. August is unconfirmed so I did not print the venue but here is June and July.-

June 20-Houston, TX Flashback  June 21 Laredo, TX Club207  June27 Erie, PA Headliners  June28 Rochester, NY Water St. Music Hall  June 29 Baltimore, MD Tentative  July2 Birmingham, AL Tentative  July 3 Lafayette, LA Sky Fest  July 4 Atlanta,GACotton Club  July 5 Macon,GA Tentative  July 7 Ocean City,MD Scandles  July 10 New Haven, CT Tentative  July12 Chicago,IL Bastille Day Fest.

That is all I have for now and I will not be sending another letter until mid August so check the web site for updates or contact me at the p.o. box or e-mail me. Remember check before you head out for a show, I know from experience!
I am not sure where the Flock will be soaring after Bastille Day but I have heard rumors of the mid west area so stay in touch. One thing I have been able to do is e-mail fans every night to their questions so remember I answer e-mail as fast as a seagull in a dive! ha ha ha.(Mike doesn't edit these info letters)!

The Band Members: I have thought on this topic and this is the way I am going to steer the info letter information regarding the past members. I know many of you may not care for this but it is 1996! and not 1983! Alister Score is currently living in the New England area working in the computer world.