A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter
August-September 1996

Contact numbers:   Web Page-http://snhungar.Kings.edu/AFOS.html (Scott Hungarter) Check it out!
Bill Molyneaux- BMAFOS@AOL.com or P.O. Box 382 Waverly, NY 14892
Savant Records- Savant1@nebula.ispace.com Fax-407-673-3802
Savant Records 3001 Aloma Ave. #204 Winter Park,FL 32792 1-800-846-5852

The Single is out in the stores and NOW you should have no problem getting a few copies. Unfortunately the video will not be released for sale until late fall. "Rainfall is being played on several music video stations with more to follow: North East- White Noise, Vo Jam, Loud, Spin Off. South East- Rap On. Mid West- Video Scope Klefsighns, Illinoise, Spectrum of Jazz, Yelocity. South West- Teltunes, Pop Bop. North West-Subculture. All of these music video channels are featuring "Rainfall" the video by A Flock Of Seagulls! VH1 and MTV are in the works, they have shown some short clips along with some interviews with Mike Score.

Fan Club: Please remember I am a fan like you and operate this fan club a micro budget so please send a mere five dollars for a one year mailing or some stamps. A couple of fans sent me a roll of stamps they really came in handy, thank you! So if you have any extra stamps send them to me, I will put them to work.

Video/B-side tape: Well what a Pandora's box! I am receiving request from as far away as Norway, Japan, England and Germany. So in other words I can't keep up with it, I thought I would get a couple of fans a week requesting videos, well instead I am now getting about twenty or more. This takes time, I do not have a lot of video equipment just a few normal (VCRs) so what am I saying is this. I will continue to produce the videos for you fans at no cost of course but EXPECT a time delay, I am right now sending them back in about three weeks. Mike can't believe you fans still want all that old stuff! As to old stuff it is official Mike will be re-releaseing "I Ran" this fall on a new C.D. Ken has told me it will contain both new and old material. I believe this maybe a box set along with the "Rainfall" video and some live current concert footage.

Trivia Contest: Lance Paddock, Joshua Drake, Chuck Franzie, and Tammy Kellopp were all winners in the last info letter contest. Lance Padock also was a winner from the month of May. Last months question was What moped did Mike Score cruise around on during the "Listen" tour? answer Riva by Yamaha. John's favorite song by A Flock Of Seagulls: Telecommunication or as Mike and the guys say Telecom. As for Dean and the song he dislikes the most? Dean has a great sense of humor and at each show he would change his mind about what song he disliked, so he would tell a fan a different answer at each show just to mess me up! "It was It's Not Me Talking" then it became "Who's That Girl" and on and on. So I accepted the first two fans that asked Dean the question. In the last issue I stated Ed Berner met Dean at a SAP store well that was a misprint it was a GAP store and I took some hits from the guys when I saw them in July! This months question is: What are the names of the Flock's rodies. Yes you are going to have to see them in person for that one! The other question is "I Ran" was released legally for how many versions?