Tour Dates: August (20th. Fayette, AK JR's Light Bulb Club) (24th Knoxville,TN Radio Show) (30th Sanford, FL Westend Theater my sister will be there) September (6th Charlotte, NC The Hana) (8th Dayton, Ohio University of Dayton) (14th Omaha, NE Aksarben) Sorry that is it for now please check the web site for further concert dates. ALWAYS check that the time and place are correct before going on a road trip.

The Band Members: John Walker (New Drummer) "My favorite hobbies include surfing, biking, cooking and meeting new people. Favorite colors are black and blue. I began drumming in 1980. I drummed throughout junior high school, then dropped out of the high school band, after my freshman year. My first professional gig was in 1982 with a house band in Jacksonville Beach, Fl. I graduated from Flagler College located in St. Augustine, FL. in 1992 with a BA in Social Science. Three places in the United States in which I would reside are Asheville, NC, Seattle or San Diego. This past year since becoming a member of A Flock Of Seagulls has become one of the most exciting adventurous times of my life. I hope to meet all of you on our "Rainfall" tour." John Walker.

As to merchandise call Savant for shirts, hats etc. If you are looking for CDs call my local record store Vintage Emporium at 607-565-2190 ask for Will, he has all the imports including "Listen". Also several different Best Of CD's that are great I recommend the one by Emporio. I still have some vinyl copies of Burnin' Up for $12.00. Scott Hungarter (web page) also has released his own C.D. I recommend it write to: SingleBit 512 Northhampton St. Edwardsville,PA 18704.

Gettysburg: This past month I was in Gettysburg, PA doing the Gettysburg Bar tour I mean battle field tour. I was sitting outside of a pub drinking adult beverages with a friend. This pub is located in the center of town in a traffic circle, the cars here move very slowly since there are a zillion tourist in this traffic circle; say about (5 M.P.H.). Well I started to hear "I Ran " my buddy who is really sick of A Flock Of Seagulls (I have known him for over twenty years and has been a guinea pig to many a Flock concerts). He felt the heat and Gin was taking a toll on my brain. The song became clearer and he stated that it was "I Ran"! Around the traffic circle appeared a blue mustang 1966 or so convertible BLARING the song. It was so loud that people started coming out of the bar to see what was going on. The windows of this little historic town were shaking! The car moved on to a side road and my buddy said it was a fluke, but then the car came back from another direction playing "A Space Age Love Song." So this was a fan and he was playing either a cassette or a C.D. of the first album. All the tourist on the streets of Gettysburg were forced to hear A Flock Of Seagulls. I thought this was a cool story contrary to my drinking companion who was with me.