My most recent trips to see A Flock Of Seagulls in concert proved to be excellent both myself and Barb we were treated like one of the members. Ed thought this past info letter was my best except for the gap/sap part about Dean. They all busted me about Dean working at a sap factory going around from tree to tree gathering sap! The Flock played with Ben Orr of the Cars and they had a great crowd. Mike sent me out to register more fans for the fan club. If you have the opportunity to see them live make it a point to say hi, Mike, Ed, Dean and John all are very willing to sign autographs and mingle with you fans. This is something that was unheard of back in the eighties. When bands obtain such a following that they can't meet their fans and hear what the fans think. I feel the band loses touch with both their music and the fans. This is my own opinion of course and I maybe incorrect on my hypotheses. Also many of these big name bands have fan clubs operated by record companies and the band members never read the fan mail or even know what is going out to the fans. Let me tell you that the Flock read all the fan mail and when I print something in the info letter that is incorrect MIKE lets me know!

Fan members listing: Many of you write requesting information on other fans, for example is there anyone else in Philly, PA in the fan club etc. So I will start a fan club listing of addresses if anyone wants their address published write to me and let me know. This list will be available probably in late fall early winter. If I do not receive your permission I WILL NOT give out your address to other fans. I have been asked by some publishing companies to release the mailing list, they would even pay for it. I have said no of course, this is not a company it is a fan club geared for fans and not the record companies. I remember asking Mike Score several years ago about the sheet music that was released by Jive it included both the first album and Listen. On the first page was a short bi-o on the Flock and Mike's thoughts to the direction of A Flock Of Seagulls (1983). To my surprise Mike never even new jive released the sheet music! I felt stupid for asking about the bi-o since Mike had no idea as to what the hell I was talking about. This is just a example to how the record companies operate and the fans of a band are just record sales. We want you to buy records and shirts just like the big record companies but we also want your imput on concert dates, record releases, videos, and of course the info letter. Mike has recently read several fan letters with suggestions about the re-release of "I Ran" in the fall, like include such tracks as "Intro." and "Effects Of The Sun."