A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter
October-November 1996

Contact numbers:   Web Page- http://snhungar.Kings.edu/AFOS.html (Scott Hungarter)
Fan Club- Bill Molyneaux BMAFOS@AOL.com or AFOS P.O. Box382 Waverly,NY 14892 or my helper
Laura Moranz LMSEAGULLS@AOL.com
Savant Records-Savant1@nebula.ispace.com Fax-407-673-3802
Savant Records-3001 Aloma Ave. Winter Park, FL 32792
A Flock Of Seagulls Merchandise 1-800-846-5852 Ken Wilkerson

Rainfall: The single is still available for sale in both cassette and C.D. format. If you have yet to call your local radio station and request "Rainfall" please do, we are still pushing the single and receiving very positive interest from many mid-west radio stations. "You can't get rid of A Flock Of Seagulls." As to the video we have had some minor problems obtaining coverage on some video stations, while others are playing "Rainfall" several times a day.

Video/B-side tape: I powered up this fan club a few years ago with just a handful of people, now the fan club has grown to a size that it has become very difficult for me to handle everyone of you as a individual. So I am going to drop some services in order to maintain the one reason I started this thing, answering your mail, providing support to Mike Score and A Flock Of Seagulls and most of all keeping the fan club on a personal level. Therefore after November 1st. I will no longer provide VIDEOS and B-SIDE cassettes. I no longer have the time to produce videos because, I really never thought it would turn into such a Pandora's box. So if you want a FREE video send me two blank tapes with some postage before November 1st. after that I am done making videos.

Rainfall Video: "Rainfall" will be for sale at Savant records by late November early December. This is a done deal but you must call Savant and place your order soon so they will have enough copies for all you fans and the public. I was told it will contain "Rainfall" and "Burnin' Up" live footage and a interview. I personally requested to add Telecommunications live/extended version also, this song is great live, it wouldn't hurt for you fans to send down a request to Savant Records. Who knows if Mike receives enough interest he may increase the footage time.