Trivia Contest: Last months questions were: 1. How many versions of "I Ran" are out there? 1st Album version, Single contains no second lead, C.D version contains seagull sounds in the intro and the live version on either picture disc or 12in import "Transfer Affection." total=4. I did not consider the live B.B.C. record that contained Men Without Hats. The winners were Samantha Tompkins and Jen Franklin. As to name the roadies contest NO ONE has even tried so that question is still active! This months question direct from Mike Score over my telephone is. 1982 What band toured with the Flock? 1983 What band toured with the Flock? You must name these two BIG name bands. The first two replies E-mail, snail mail whatever, you will win some Flock goodies. So give it a try, you past winners are still eligible too.

Tour Dates: Fayettville, Arkansas J.R's Light Bulb club October 10th. Des Moines, Iowa Safari Club October 11th. Rockville, Indiana Infinity Club October 12th. 97.5 F.M. Party Waco Texas October 18th. This is all I have as I go to print check the web page for updates.

Merchandise: Call Savant or write them for hats, shirts, water bottles and other items. They have several new shirt styles out along with a new Savant Records logo hat. The Next info letter will include a COMPLETE price list for your Christmas shopping. (Last week of November)

Web Page: Scott Hungarter has been doing a great job continuously updating the page with everything from photos, concert dates, info lettes and contact numbers to other fans. On September 22nd 1996 The Web Page was honored as the Best 80's rock band Web Site! This created a great deal of extra publicity for A.F.O.S. from AOL to Entertainment tonight! Great job Scott Hungarter and whoever maybe helping him behind the monitor screen.