A Flock Of Seagulls are going to tour thoughout the fall. As to "I Ran" being re-released in the winter I have not heard if this project is on hold or not, Mike and Ken had no further information as of print day. I do not think "Effects of the Sun" is going to make it on a future Flock record, because Mike has so many other new songs that have never been released.

Upcoming Info Letters: In the Third week of November I will release a huge info letter consisting of three pages or six sides of print. The first four pages will contain more bi-o material on the band members birthday dates (Mike's in November) merchandise price list for your shopping enjoyment etc. The third page will be written by Laura Moranz, she is going to produce a "Best Of Info Letter" from the past years letters. I am not sure how she is going to format the Best of letter so we will all have to wait and see what it will include. Maybe all the past trivia questions who knows. The mailing date should be late November do not expect another info letter until late January or early February, I need time for my family during the holidays. I will answer all E-mail of course.

Fan list: I will release a few Flock fans address's each mailing. Remember if you do not send me your address I will not print it. (Eric Branak 8 weiss St. Buffalo,NY 14206) (Amanda Lampart P.O. Box 304 Mtn. Pine, AR 71956) (Dave Cohen 8426 Springfield Rd. Skokie,Il 60076) (Mike Score woops! ha ha ha) anyway there are some flock fan pen pals for you to write to.

Ken Wilkerson: Lead man at Savant Records will be releasing his own C.D. from his band "Nova Rex" this is heavy metal music but if you are interested in getting more information write to his new awesome fan club headquarters Nova Rex P.O. Box 401 Waverly,NY 14892. Ken plans in having a newsletter released sometime in November. This combination of A Flock Of Seagulls and other bands will help Mike's record label in becoming very diverse in many areas of the music industry.

Bill Molyneaux