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A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter
March/April 1996

Hi Flock Fans: Thanks for all of the kind letters regarding the February info letter it seems that everyone liked it. I must also say thank you for the stamps and dues that many of you sent in. Dues are $5.00 a year if you are receiving this for the first time.

Contact Numbers: Official merchandise number 1-800-846-5852
My E-Mail GLMMIS @ A.O.L. .com
Scott Hungarter's Web Page http://snhungar.Kings.edu (This is Excellent!)
Big Shot's Web Page It's Toast! I'm sorry, NOT!

Mike has officially started his own record label "Savant" and yes, they are located in the Orlando, Florida area, please don't call them for general information, they have several projects in the works and their time is limited. Ken Wilberson is the point man for Mike's label and he has done wonders in just a few months. He is extremely helpful to me and is making sure that I obtain current information: tour dates, record releases and biographical material on the new members. I wish Ken was around a year ago.

Mike has sent me the 12 inch vinyl copies of "Burnin' Up" two versions. I am selling these for $12.00 this includes shipping. There are less than thirty copies left of the original 1,000 so if you wish to complete your collection this is a must! I'm sorry they are not signed but bring it to a show and they will be happy to autograph it for you. (Especially Dean)

"Rainfall" This is it we need your help! On April 29th the single will hit the record stores but more importanat the radio stations will have it in their possession. Please call your local F.M. radio stations and request "Rainfall". We need to inform these radio stations that A Flock of Seagulls are back with a new CD and video. The video is out but will not be released until the single is on the market. I can not make copies of "Rainfall" the video, since it will be for sale along with "Burnin' Up" in a month or so.

Tour Dates: The Flock will be on tour mid April through most of the summer I do not have a listing as of yet other than they are going to tour in the southern states and then the mid-west. I may send out personal notes to those of you that are living in the Flock Fest area. I do not plan on a April info letter I need to catch up on your mail and I want to answer some of you


Mike Score: Vocals/Keyboards Ed Berner: Guitar Deano Pichette: Bass A.S. Mazzetti: Drums