personally. Holly Anderson, Amanda Lampart, Mike Bazzell and Jimm of Utah. Some of you long time members (nearly four years) have stated that I used to write personal letters and that you miss them. I'm sorry I don't write back like the old days, but for the first few years there were less than one hundred Flock fans. There are over 1,400 now and it takes me several hours just to stuff the envelopes. I wouldn't give it up for anything though.

Trivia Contest: What a nightmare this has become. The new offical rules are as follows: Send in your answer by snail mail, or E-Mail GLMMIS AOL. All of the correct answers will be placed into a container and my wife will randomly pick two winners. You will have 21 days to send in your reply. This should make EVERYONE happy, computer people, west coast people and those of you that don't open your mail for days. Last month's answers are Steve Lovell for Lovell the dog productions. The second was "Tokyo" the song that was never released in the states. The winners are Robert Hannan of Hillsdale Michigan and Eric Branach of Buffalo NY. They both will receive a black AFOS shirt, sometime this month. This months trivia questions is: (Barb B. the only fan from West Virginia better try to answer this one) What was Mike Score's occupation prior to A Flock of Seagulls? Everyone should get this. By the way Mike is overseas this month so he didn't give me a question so this one is a little easier than last time.

Fan mail: The guys want mail and they are tired of reading Mike's so send some questions to Dean, Ed and John. The following should give you some ideas for questions for Dean (Bass). This is unedited straight from Dean!

Dean Robert Pichette: born 5/18/68
Currently single although interested in accepting applications for a significant other, (Photo and dental history a must) winner to be announced at "Win a Dream Date with Dean contest" (Not my idea -Editor-) entries must be received by 5/20/96. (I think Dean is kidding -Editor-)

Hobbies: Reading this year promised to read the classics "Moby Dick" and others. Basketball: Believe it or not actually played junior college ball. Having coffee: Enjoying the great atmosphere of coffee houses and dwelling in the lost art of conversation. Movies: Self proclaimed movie buff, favorites include Casablanca, Ordinary People and Alive. Met Ed and Mike in Philly where I moved from Wisconsin to join another band that was close to signing a record deal, and have been Flocking around ever since. (Four years). Musical interest: include anything with convection, but find my CD collection is quite electric, from Sponge and Garbage to Sarah McLachlan and Seal back to Cathering Wheel, Oasis and Dinosaur. Stage Gear: Music Man Sabre, a custom G/L Fender both Basses. I am currently working on an endorsement deal with Rancmopythayoroso Basses out of Austin, Texas. For the serious Bassist: Hartke cabinets, 1 4x10 1,1x15 powered by ampeg S.U.T. head.

Personal: Parents Pearl and Frank live in Wisconsin, along with my two older brothers David and his wife Joan, Dan with his wife Mary and their children, Daniel and Josie, and my younger sister Dawn, one big happy family (Typical