At 12:00am A Flock of Seagulls went on stage. No one danced and Mike said there was plenty of room on the dance floor. So I said to hell, and I went up on the floor and was joined shortly by several other people. When they finished their set we all screamed our heads off for an encore, which they provided. But then it was over and the band packed up and they were gone. I'll never forget that night for as long as I live, and previously stated by another fan, this was a "Dream Come True" Laura Moranz Newburgh, Indiana.

Video Material: send two blank tapes and some stamps for return postage this will take several weeks. This is a free service for those of you fans that want to see some of those old videos of days gone by.

Rare "B" side tape: send one 90min. tape and some stamps, please send no money, I can not profit from this project. Here is the song list for this tape, many of the songs are dance versions. Effects of the Sun/Pick Me Up/Intor//Heart Beat Like A Drum/Talking/Factory Music/Tanglimara/Wishing/Shell Shocked/Slipping Into Life/Dancer/Who's That Girl/Lost Control/Whole Lot a Loving/Windows/Tokyo/Quicksand or Living In Heaven. Remember this is a home tape that is not for sale I just feel sorry for those of you searching for a few missing songs to complete your collection of Flock material.

CDs of "The Light At The End Of The World" are available through Jamie at the 1-800-846-5852. For "Listen" and others try my local record store they are really helping out in finding import CDs for people. (607) 565-2190 ask for Will at the Vintage Emporium.

Mike is currently working on a box set of all of the old songs on CD format that will include many of the "B" side songs from my tape along with a video tape of the new stuff. Ken is working on a super prize for a future trivia question, like a trip for two for three days to Orlando Florida to see A Flock of Seagulls perform live and meet them on a one on one basis. This is still just in the planning stage but then again A Flock of Seagulls are back and you never now what could happen when "Rainfall" hits the market!

That's all for now I do not plan on another letter until mid May but I may be sending you a personal letter in the next few weeks. Send me your questions and ideas as to what YOU want to read about.

Bill Molyneaux

P.S. I forgot about John the new drummer, well not really I just haven't had time to ask him any questions.