Midwestern family). Goals: To experience all that life has to offer, to be genuinely happy...... Oh to marry a beautiful independent, intelligent, spiritual, spontaneous, funny, Millionairess. (In your dreams Dean - Barb Molyneaux)

Favorite Quote: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night" - Edgar Allen Poe

Now please send me some mail instead of questions about how Mike kept his hair from falling down on stage fifteen years ago! Dean Pichette

I am often asked how the band members react to the fan club, They are all great. Dean always has time for me and will chit chat about whatever the current topic that I'm interested in for the next info letter. Mike is often doing interviews when I'm at a show and when he does have time to talk it's usually about business and not all that personal. Mike is always working on different projects video ideas, re-releases, tour dates and yet he still finds time to talk to all the fans before and after a show. So while Mike is mingling with you fans I'm having a beer with Dean talking about football and such other important topics that are not realy relevant to A Flock of Seagulls, I do have other interest believe it or not.

Remember in the last letter a fan like yourself was organizing her own Flock Fest party. Well here is her story about the Flock performing at The Inferno at Evansville, Indiana February 24th, 1996.

It started January 16th, I had read in the newsletter that the Flock were on tour and playing local night clubs. I thought to myself "Why not bring them here?" I finally got hold of Mike or should I say he got hold of me. He called on the 18th and said he would be happy to perform for me and he would arrange it with his tour manager. The next month was hectice finding a night club, advertising, printing flyers and I was lucky to have my dad handle the lights and sound. (Thanks Dad). Before I knew it 24th of February was here.

I arrived at the club around 9:00am to prepare for the show. This consisted of everything from arranging the dressing room to setting up the sound and lights, by 5:00pm all was ready.

Around 5:30 the band arrived and boy was I nervous when Mike introduced himself to me. The stage hands immediately unloaded the van. These guys are very efficient and waste no time. While all this was going on I had them sign some autographs for me, and let me say these guys are the nicest people you will ever meet. They are all friendly and they made me feel like I was part of the group. Mike has a wonderful sense of humor and jokes around and you would never think that being a star he would be so down to earth.

I took the band out to dinner at a local restaurant and we all had Italian food, and yes I ate with them if you can call picking at your food because you're too nervous to eat.