A Flock of Seagulls Info Letter
November-December 1996

Contact numbers:   Web Page-http://snhungar.Kings.edu/AFOS.html (Scott Hungarter) Great Job!
Fan Club- BMAFOS@AOL.com AFOS P.O. Box 382 Waverly, NY 14892 Bill Molyneaux
Savant Records-Ken Wilkerson Savant1@nebula.ispace.com Fax (407) 673-3802
Savant Records 3001 Aloma Ave. #204 Winter Park, FL. 32792 1-(800) 846-5852

Fan Club: Hello all you Flock fans, 1996 is almost gone and 1997 is just around the corner. I hope that many of you were able to see A Flock of Seagulls live this past touring year, if not the Flock will be on tour in 1997. Many of you wrote, commenting on the live shows and just how good the guys treated all you fans, they made the time to sign autographs and have their pictures taken with no complaints and even a few of you received a keyboard lesson from Mike. As to the fan club I am ready for another exciting year handling your letters, touring with the Flock, dealing with radio stations and answering your questions. However I have to change a few things in this upcoming year. No No the dues are not going up calm down the yearly dues will remain the $5.00 a year or send me some stamps. I can always use extra stamps. So please remember, I am not making money from this (just ask my wife.) so help out when you can. I am not keeping accountant type recoreds as to who sent in their dues on what month so I am trusting you fans to remember once a year help me out. Enough begging for money!

Video/"B"Cassette:What a nightmare this department became. I felt sorry for many of you fans that had never heard certain songs (Effects of the Sun) or have never seen rare videos (Talking) so I began making copies at no charge for you fans. This was going along fine for the past year or so then it happened Scott's web site became a huge force in obtaining new fns from not just in the states but in other countries. The next thing I know instead of receiving a few request a week I started to get 20-30 a week and from other countries too! It has become to much work and it was taking time away from answering your letters and certain projects that Savant has me working on. So I am sorry but for the time being I AM NOT MAKING ANYMORE VIDEOS/CASSETES this policy may change in the future and who knows if you send me a letter begging I may give in. Do to copy right laws I can not charge for videos so don't send me money in hopes I will change my mind. Mike was surprised to hear how many of you wanted all of those old songs and videos, Mike is backing me on this, in fact he was never really all that excited about me offering the past videos because of copy right laws. Remember I am not a company just a fan like you trying my best to answering your letters and helping the Flock in their comeback.

Trivia Contest: We still have a question that has yet to be answered - Name the two roadies? As to last months question: What BIG name band did the Flock play with in 1982 and in 1983. No it was not the Fix the answer for 1982 was the Go Go's and the one that stumped everyone was the Police/Sting. the winner was, (yes I only received on correct answer of over 300 tries) Ron Dillon of Lapeer, MI. As to the next trivia question try this one. A Flock of Seagulls toured throughout the states from January-March of 1996 what did they call the tour?

Tour Dates: I currently have no dates this info letter is being typed in late October and Mike's agent is still booking clubs. I do not want to publish the dates month's in advance that may change. So for now try to keep in contact with me on e-mail or check the web site. Savant records may have a site up and running in the future that may also help with tour dates and the exact location of the clubs. I have very little contact with Mike's booking agent, Don just sends me the tour dates as they get booked, if the date changes I am not always notified so do not blame me if you drive several hours to see the Flock and the date was changed. Please verify that they are at the club/arena before you head out on a road trip. Please, Don't Drink and Drive from a show.