this was too easy so he thought of his own for us: "Story Of A Young Heart was produced by who (and his company's nickname)?" Answer: Steve Lovell or Lovell The Dog. Bonus question: "What song was never officiall released in the states?" Answer: Tokyo

IN MARCH/APRIL OF 1996, we were informed that Savant was official and was located in Orlando, Fl. Ken Wilkerson became involved with the fan club by providing info on the Flock and current tour dates. He also has his own band Nova Rexx and is a partner in Savant. Bill was given 12" vinyl copies of "Burnin' Up" by Mike to sell to the fans (a limited number were produced so a great bargain for us). And Bill requested for us to start calling radio stations to request them to play the Flock's new release "Rainfall" (the campaign was started). Dean Pichette wrote a bio on himself for us. He stated he was born in Wisconsin on 5/18/68 by parents Pearl and Frank. He has 2 older brothers, David and Dan, and a younger sister, Dawn. He said he is single and currently accepting applications for dates. His hobbies are basketball, having coffee, and watching movies. He met Ed and Mike in Philly. his guitars are, Music Man Sabra, and a Custom G/L Fender. And his spotlight tour date was put on by me in Evansville, IN at the Inferno. I got to wait on them hand and foot and even have dinner with them, this was truly a "Dream Come True". The trivia question was: "What was Mike's occupation prior to AFOS?" Answer: hairdresser. Mike was vacationing in England, so he didn't have an opportunity to help out with the trivia question like last month.

IN MAY/JUNE OF 1996, "Rainfall" was mailed to radio stations around the U.S., and again we were requested to bug them to play it on the radio (many of us did a good job with that). Posters of "Burnin' Up" were offered for sale through Bill. We also got a chance to talk to Mike by computer email instead of snail mail, because Savant got it's own email address. The Web Page became an official site for AFOS, and operator Scott Huntgarter offered his own CD "Half Life". Mike was interviewed by Bill and we learned that his favorite tracks on the record "Dream Come True" were "Better and Better" and "Whole Lotta Loving". We were also informed that Mike might release a 5 CD set for fans only that would include a shirt and videos. The trivia questions were: "What moped did Mike cruise around on during the Listen tour?" Answer: Riva by Yamaha. Second one was "What is John's favorite song?" Answer: Telecom. The laste question was a mess, it was "What song does Dean dislike the most?" Answer: He never gave a straight one.

IN JULY OF 1996, "Rainfall" the single was released in stores and had hopes of being released on MTV and VH1 soon. We were updated on the old Flock members for the last time. Ali is living in the states working in the computer world, Frank is managing other bands in England, and Paul is still playing jazz in England. Ed updated his bio to include that he is single and looking for love. Loves the goth look and wild hairstyles. He stated he met Mike in 1987 while playing in a local Philly, PA band, and he hooked up with Mike in the summer of 1988. He met Dean 4 years ago when Dean was working in a GAP store. The trivia questions were: "What actress was featured on the record jacket of "Who's That Girl"?" Answer: Lauren Bacall. The other one was "Who has been with Mike the longest?" Answer: Ed (8 yrs).

Hope you had fun reflecting. Looking to the sky for AFOS, Laura Moranz