In this past year we have seen the Flock re-emerge and the fan club kick into full swing. With so much going on, bill thought it would be a good idea to have a best of the past year newsletter for all you old and new fans (who might of missed out on these). Shall we travel through time together?

IN AUGUST OF 1995, we found out that Bill met Mike in 1982 for the first time and that he became president of the fan club in 1993 (a dream come true for him I bet). We were informed that the 1-800# for Big Shots was pulled on July 25th and that Mike was thinking of having his own catalog with a 1-800# that offered t-shirts, hats, etc. As for videos, "Rainfall" had been filmed at Sea World, and "Burnin' Up" sadly never made it to MTV or VH1. We had a spotlight tour date on Aug. 12th which was put on by Bill. They played at Elmira, NY which was vidoe taped and offered to the fans at no charge through the fan club.

IN NOVEMBER OF 1995, Big Shots was pronounced as history with no connections to Mike. The 1-800# was presented to the fans for all your ordering pleasure. And videos of old and new Flock material (live concerts, videos on MTV, interviews, etc.) were offered by Bill for the cost of a black tape and postage. The official Flock trivia question was born, with the first question being: "What instrument did Mike play in Ton Trix?" Answer: Bass.

IN DECEMBER OF 1995, the 1-800# was up and running smoothly. And we were told to ignore any comments from Big Shots since they were history, apparently rumors were getting started. Poor Bill lost his only copy of "Dream Come True" on CD to Big Shots, who refused to return it. He is still looking for a copy of it on CD to replace it. The trivia question for the month was: "What video by AFOS was featured on MTV on Oct. 31st (not "Wishing" which was on Feb. 1983)?" Answer: "It's Not Me Talking".

IN FEBRUARY OF 1996, we had a huge newsletter. Bill could no longer answer mail on a daily basis due to an overload of letters and new fans. He did, however, offer us a cassette filled with B-side music of the Flock. Scott's Web Page for the Flock was introduced to us fans, and he teamed up with Bill. We learned that Eddie Berner (who is 29 years old and lives in CA) met Mike in 1987 and started rehearsing with him in 1988. His Guitars are, an ESP Custom Customized Fender Stratocaster, and his favorite is the "mutt" which is a combo of a Strat, BC Rich, and an Ibanez. His favorite color is black. A new drummer (John, who is 27 yrs old) was introduced because AJ left the band. We had 2 spotlight tour dates, the first being in Palo Alto, CA at the Edge on Jan. 26th. Donald Stroud wrote in telling us how great the show was even though Mike was getting over a cold, and how the band gave 110% for everybody. The second one was on Feb. 10th in Scraton, PA at Tinks. Bill meet up with the Flock here and even stayed in the same hotel as them. The show was sold out and was so awesome that the police had to notify everyone on tv to stay clear of the club because it was so congested. A big announcement came to, with Mike informing us he was starting his own record label called "Savant" and was re-releasing the CD "The Light At The End Of The World" on it. The trivia questions were: "The Flock sang this Bud's for you what tune?" Answer: Telecommunication. Mike felt