Merchandise: I hope you all have been good so Santa will stop at your house and leave goodies, here is the most current information regarding the merchandise. I have no connection with the merchandising arm of Savant records, But I have been told that they will do their best to have your order out for the holidays.
Seagull Black Shirt W/White Print $15.00   Seagull White Shirt W/Black Print $15.00
Album Cover Shirt $16.00   Burnin' Up Cover Shirt $16.00   Seagull Tye-Dye Shirt $15.00
Black Hat $12.00   Gray Hat $12.00   White Hat $12.00   All have the Seagull or Savant Emblem
Burnin' Up Single On C.C. Not Many Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $5.00   The Jackets have been discontinuned.
Rainfall Video $??.?? At the time of this going to print I still have no price but they are going to be ready, I am told for the holidays. New C.D. of the Savant label A Flock of Seagulls Live!! This C.D. should be ready by December early January. Then Mike will be working on another C.D. of all new music with a spring release date. Send Check or Money Order to: Savant Records and please make them payable to Savant Records.

C.D.s'????: I receive so many questions about C.D.s' are available by A Flock of Seagulls that I thought I had better give a good listing along with a few stores addresses that stock C.Ds'. Remember I do not sell CDs'
(AFOS First LP Jive) (AFOS First LP with Tokyo Bee-Hive-7) (Listen Bee-Hive-8 includes 3 extra songs not listed on C.D.) (Telecommunications Elite 16 tracks) (The Best Of AFOS Jive) (AFOS by Emporio excellent!!) (The Best Of AFOS different than the Jive Music Collection International) (Magic four songs released by Crescendo) (The Light At The End Of The World) (Rainfall single) (Burnin' Up) (A Dream Come True Bee-Hive-11 NO I do not know where you can find one I am still missing my only copy from Big Shot) (A Flock of Seagulls Live At Brighton, England Bootleg) (Wishing?? I have heard of this new release by ZOMBA in England just a few days before this went to print) I think that's it except for the new releases by Savant this fall, I did not include them. I also left out CDs' that have just one or two songs by AFOS Best of The Eighties etc. Good luck searching for those c.d.s here are a few stores that may help.
Vintage Emporium 373 Broad St. Waverly, NY 14892 phone 607-565-2190 fax 607-565-9525 They have Listen!
Vinyl Vendors 1800 S. Robertson Blvd. no 279 Los Angles, CA 90035 310-275-1444
Crescendo Records phone 213-656-2614 Phantom Records Fax only-714-631-7470 If any of you find a store that is stocking the rare imports let me know.

Flock Stories: I receive all kinds of letters from you fans that contain all kinds of stories. I think many of you may like to hear this one. Ron Dillon this month's trivia winner wrote me this: I had met Mike Score several years ago at a show. He was thirsty and I had just purchased a can of 7-UP. I offered it to Mike and he gladly accepted. Later he signed the can for me with marker and I kept it in a place of honor along with my other Flock of Seagulls memorbelial. That's not the end of the story though my wife and I split up and a fierce custody fight ensued over who was getting the 7-UP can! I ended up the winner but my ex-wife ended up with the sterio.

As to fan mail, Mike,Ed,Dean and John all read the fan mail so please keep it coming. Mike thought of the release of a live C.D. from all the request from you fans, so see he does listen to you guys.

I recently started a new job and was out of town for a few weeks. Dave Davis was the employee assigned to show me the ropes. Well we got talking about A Flock Of Seagulls and to my surprise he was a big fan! He stated that he saw them last year in Scranton,PA. I was at that show taking photos and to my surprise there was Dave in a shot next to the left speaker just where he said he was standing during the show. What a small world!!

Dean: I just called Dean and asked what he wanted in the info letter? "It has been a great year touring with some of the hottest acts around. The audeances are getting bigger and bigger" Dean thanks all you fans for your support throughout the Rainfall tour. "The fans did everything from calling radio stations to showing up at shows hundred of miles away from where they live. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing all of you in 1997." Well that's it for 1996, the next info letter will be released sometime in early February. Please e-mail me as often as you like. If you have any questions call Savant. Happy Holidays, Bill, Barb and Aurora Molyneaux