Rainfall Videos

Many of you by now should have either received your video package from Mike or a reorder form. If you received a reorder form, this is because your check is stale and cannot be cashed , so please resend Mike your money right away. The tape contains the videos for "Rainfall" and "Burning Up" and also has a scrapbook of Mike and the band on their 1996 tour. It has many shots of them acting just plain silly, too bad though you can't hear what they are saying because I bet that's even better!!

Internet Connections

Mike has informed me that Savant will soon have it's own web page. It will probably contain bios on the band, photos, and a place to order merchandise plus it may have audio clips too. I don't have it's address yet, so keep a look out on the web for it or email me in a few weeks. It will also have links to Dave's page and my page (if I ever get around to creating one).
If you are on the web sometime, check out the Trouser Press site. They have a bio on the Flock and some comments on them that aren't exactly nice, so lets write to them and let them know how "we" feel about the Flock!!

Tour Dates & Specials

  • August 16th - Denver, CO at Fiddler's Green
  • September 12th - Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Chilipeppers Club
  • September 25th - Trenton, NJ at Waterfront Park (festival) October - 80's tour with Naked Eyes, Spandau Ballet and others. This tour will be 5 weeks long and playing all over the states. This is still a maybe for the Flock.
  • August 17th - VHI is running a special called 8 days of the 80's. Mike did an interview for this, so don't miss it!!


In the last newsletter when I was introducing our new web master, I had incorrectly stated that he had 3 children. Dave has 4 children and all girls!!

The Band

Tory has left the Flock due to family reasons. I never got to see her do a gig with the band, but I heard she had a lot of energy on stage and off. I'm sure she will be missed, but in light of that I have good news! Dean is back for the time being. Welcome back Dean'o, I'm sure you were missed!!!