What do you think?? Of course Keith is the one in front.

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed my first official newsletter as president of the fan club! I apologize in advance for the delay in getting this out and I hope everyone receives it before some of the news is old news.
I wanted to publish this letter in color like it was

done on my printer, but the cost of color copies is insane (around $750) and needless to say the club can't afford it. But I will get the best quality print that the club can afford. I hope it doesn't come out too bad. Let me know your opinions on what you think of the new style of the letter. I would also welcome any questions or opinions for the next newsletter and please state whether I can use your name or not. The newsletter is not only a source of information for the fans but a place of interaction too, and I hope this is just a start on the many paths it can take. I know I for one love hearing all the fans tell their Flock stories and I'm sure the rest of us would like to hear them to!!

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