A Flock of Seagulls Fan Club Newsletter  
Q1 1999

Hello Everyone!!!(almost called it Remember David:-)
For those of you who havenít met me yet through letters or email, my name is David Adams. My main focus for the fan club will be for fans to find more information about the band we all love. I get most of my information from other fans, but I have been in contact with Mike Score in email and a few times here in Seattle, WA when the band plays at the Ballard Firehouse. For this newsletter I've pulled together a few letters, stories, rumors, a spoof, tour dates that I know of, and information directly from Mike.

Who's That Girl? (Who's in the Band?)
Mike Score - Keyboard, Vocals
Joe Rodriguez - Lead Guitar
Robbie Hanson - Bass
Darryl Sons - Drums

Many people have asked me where Dean Pichette and Ed Berner are. I asked the band and was told that Dean is running a Starbucks and Ed wanted to be a chef. Iíve heard confirming details from other fans on Deanís story, but nothing about Ed.

Joe Rodriguez has been playing guitar with the band through all of 1998. In August, Joe gave me a copy of his instrumental CD The Grandesign. I REALLY liked it. I think Joe is a great guitar player. For me, the comparison from when I heard the band in 1997 (with Ed) and then in 1998 is that the energy is higher with Joe playing Ė the sound takes on a hard rock-n-roll feel. I hope that Joe can stay with Mike for a long time, as I REALLY like what heís brought to the band.

Lucio (Lou) Rubino played bass with the band in the first half of 1998. I received a couple of emails from him. Heís playing in a couple of other bands now although I understand he did assist on This Used To Be My Playground. Here is the latest email:

Hey Dave!! Lou Rubino of the Seagulls here. How was your Christmas? Good, I hope. Sorry I couldn't make it to the Firehouse on New Year's Eve - It's really tough for me to get time off from a steady working band for just one show. But I've been doing the studio stuff with him - The Madonna song was completed and sounds great. I played on that and actually got one of my close friends Albert Cruz to play the drum tracks on it. He plays in The Bandees and Water with me. I'm hoping that a couple of national tours will come through and I hopefully will definitely do them. As you've probably already noticed my email address has changed. Would you please change that on the site? Also I have some exciting news - I am now endorsed by GHS Strings. If you could write something about that too, I would be grateful. I hope this new year brings you all the happiness you deserve. I know that I will have a good year too! Thanks for everything and write back soon. - LOU - LucioR76@aol.com

Darryl Sons and Robbie Hanson round out the band now. Both are laid back and cool guys from Florida, with Robbie being an old friend of Darryl's from way back.



Tour Information
 May 30, 1999 Six Flags Great Adventure
 Jackson, NJ

Only tour date that I know of for this year. On New Years the band told me there may be a tour with Boy George, the Fixx, and the Outfield later this summer but nothing was for sure. In Darrylís words: No money, No show.

European (I Wish I Was...)
On November 2nd 1998 I received an email from someone claiming to be the "greatest TV producers in Portugal". They wanted to contact the band to get them on TV. I passed the email along to Mike. What do you know! At the New Years Eve show Mike told me he and the band were going to Spain! Darryl and Robbie said they had to hurry up and get Visas because THEY WERE FLYING TO EUROPE! The TV show was scheduled for February 8th. Mike said that he had some things to do in England, maybe some kind of tour. He also said that if a tour wasn't arranged for the summer in the States (See Tour Information) that he would probably stay in England for most of 1999. Then a couple weeks ago I got an email from Tara Score (remember? Mike's married Tara last year).

"Mike is in England for a while .... one item of interest is that Mike, Frank and Paul from the original band will be rehearsing together and who knows what will come of it. Iíll let you know if its any good. Itís the first time the three of them have been together in about fifteen years. It should be interesting!!!!"

I'll let you know more as soon as I find out more. But I know I'm just too excited to wait.

Space Age Love Song
I asked Mike what music he liked a while back. In 1997 here is what he said: "To start you off, I listen to and my top 6 list is 1) Republica 2) Failure 3) Sound Garden 4) Wall Flowers 5) Discotech (U2, Just that song) 6) Poe (Hello Hello). I am also an avid Pink Floyd fan, and I like Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music and A F O S of course! On TV I like Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Star Trek, PSI Factor (Ha!), Sightings, Sci Fi Movies, most any thing to do with space." You know, I wasn't surprised :-)

Don't Ask Me (Rumors)
I've heard that the band used to be called Johnny Flush and The Comodes...
- KAnde98765@aol.com

Frank Maudsley is about to become a grandfather...
- iggyc@banet.net

Deano Pichette has joined a band with Boy George...
- david.niemann@hksystems.com

Ali Score works for MicroTouch Systems in the Boston area...
- ebanach@aholdusa.com

The music from their first album was from a sighting of an actual UFO...
- Eileen0204@aol.com