Say So Much (Fan Letters and Stories)

Hi! Gary here from Liverpool. I've just discovered your website. I have some memories to share with you from 1980 something? Mike Score was rehearsing or recording at Liverpool's 'Square 1' studio. I was in a local band A Game of Soldiers we said some hello's. It must have been around the time of Wishing. Hello again Mike! All the best. Gary

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Hello DAVE!!!
Did you see AFOS when they were here either the 14th or 15th? I went last night (Saturday night, August 15th). The show was awesome!!! I got my picture taken w/Mike Score, and he signed a piece of paper for me that I've been carrying around for 15+ years---it's got his autograph on it 3 times!! Hey, what's up with all the new band members? None of them looked familiar. Please update us with the latest news thank you!

Tara Forehand - Seattle

P.S. Great job on the webpage; I would not have known about AFOS being in here if I hadn't seen it on your webpage! Cutting edge.... Thank you!!!!!!

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Here's my story:

Back in the 80's, as a sophomore in high school, my mom hated my haircut... it resembled Mike Score's cut. Throughout high school, I had all their albums on cassette. My mom constantly yelled "Turn off that 'Mother, Father, all together crap'" (Modern Love is Automatic)"

Recently, I have seen them in Jacksonville, Fl., in Riverside in 1992, the Milkbar and Club 5 (1994?) where I had a chance to meet Mike and the then current gang. I then saw them in Greenville, SC at the Gargoyle club in August 1995 (I actually canceled a vacation in Montana because they were coming to town while I would be gone) where I had an opportunity to chat at length with Mike and Eddie. "You have the new album? I thought we were the only ones who had it!" Then in 1997 I saw them in Wilmington, De at Kahunaville and I tease my fiancé that I don't care how much money I have to spend to get them to play at our wedding.

The coolest moment as a fan was at the Gargoyle (very small club) where I was up front, 2 feet away from Mike during the whole show and sang every song, word for word, including everything off "the Light" (then new) while everyone else in the crowd only got excited at the end when they played "I Ran" and encored with "Telecom".

Again, any information on either CD's or dates would be greatly, greatly appreciated. And if you could, tell Mike if he has Sept. 1999 free, I would LOVE for him to play at my wedding! ;0)

Thanks So Much! - Cindi

DNA (Band member Birthdates)
Michael Score was born on November 5, 1952
Alister James Score born on August 8, 1956
Frank Maudsley was born on November 10, 1959
Paul Reynolds was born on August 4, 1962


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Hello Dave! After I saw your Seagulls website and posted my message last night, I pulled out my Seagull CDs and a couple of their old vinyl albums I had left from back in the day and realized I need to help get the word back out about these guys. There is a radio station in the next town from where I live that has several shows about the buzz that once wuz! The 80s in other words. But these radio programs need to stop treating this form of music as a past "buzz" and realize that it was a legitimate musical revolution.

The Seagulls music was much more than just about Mike Score's hair. His music has so much atmosphere and depth that you wouldn't be out of line comparing the "Listen" album with "Dark Side of the Moon". For instance Nightmares. the production of the music and Mike's vocal delivery is a musical representation of the feeling that there is something in your life and the world in general, that is going to do you harm, physically or mentally, but you can't escape from being enveloped by it. No other form of music can touch on this realistically. I decided to get in touch with the radio station and ask to here more than just "I Ran" and bring Seagull's other music to people's attention. The DJ said all that they have in their library is various artists compilations and no actual albums. The only other Seagull's track they have is "Space Age Love Song".

I told him that would be a nice change if the station would AT LEAST play that song and give "I Ran" a rest. He admitted that the program director did have a slight case of musical tunnel vision and probably only knew of "I Ran" and therefore that's the only song on the playlist. He said the only way he can deviate from playlists is when a song is requested.

So every couple of days I am going to call and request to AT LEAST hear "Space Age Love Song" on the air. It turns out that he is a big fan of 80s techno pop as well and we actually had an hour long discussion about the bands. He didn't know that there were actual Seagull CDs available. I recommended he buy "Listen" first but if he wanted a good "taster" first to check out the "Best of..." compilation from '92. About 30 minutes after we hung up, I heard those mesmerizing major to minor chord progressions of "Space Age...". Maybe if he gets some Seagull CDs he might sneak a few of their "lost gems" on the program. It feels great to help to "Score"ize the world. If you are able to personally contact Mike Score, please let him know what a great talent he is.

Your Fellow 'Flock' Fan - Jeff

New Years Eve (12/31/1998)
I wanted to tell everyone about the concert. It was similar to the show I saw in August - again at the Ballard Firehouse. I would love to hear from any fans who saw them play in Las Vegas in October and what they thought of that show. It was the first show of 1999 and as such Mike decided to pull out a new version of I Ran. He called it "I Ran 1999". I would describe it as a combination of I Ran (same lyrics) and how the band plays "You Can Run" recently. In other words, much faster tempo and a nearly screaming crescendo at the end of each chorus. I LOVED IT. It was hard to separate the old I Ran from my mind, and so I was comparing them while I was listening - thus that and the novelty of the new song spoiled it, as I was listening. Thinking back on it, I really wish I had a CD of it now.