I Ran (Spoof in Cthulu style)
- by Rebecca Kemp

I walked along the avenue
I never thought I'd meet the Great Cthulhu...
meet the Great Cthulhu!
A giant squid with shining eyes
The kind of eyes that hypnotize me through...
hypnotize me through...
And I ra-a-n, I ran so far away-ay
I just ran, I ran both night and day (pause)
I couldn't get away
The horror fills your soul with dread
Byaakee flyin' down to come for you...
Flyin' down for you...
Culttists know it's time to kill
Insanity - it takes it toll on you..
Takes it's toll on you...
Chaos reigns in outer space
The Outer Gods are reaching out for you...
reaching out for you...
You know it's time to load your gun
In fear you scream to see what's left of you...
See what's left of you...


Factory Music (Where to find music)

Patrick at Vintage Emporium Records in Waverly, New York sent me an updated list of his AFOS collection for sale:
Vintage Emporium Records:
David, List as follows for AFOS items:
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, five used copies
STORY OF A YOUNG HEART, five sealed copies
LISTEN, three used copies
MAGIC, one sealed copy
BURNIN', 12"- four copies

DREAM COMES TRUE, four sealed
LISTEN, one used

LISTEN (has 13 tracks)
20 CLASSICS OF THE 80'S, 20 tracks, Emporio label
Best Of AFOS, 16 tracks, Music Club label
Best Of AFOS, 12 tracks, QED/JIVE label
In general all items are limited in quantity and availability. Quantities fluctuate.
Vintage Emporium Records can be reached at 607-565-2190 (PH), 607-565-9525 (FAX)
or e-mail www.vevinyl@clarityconnect.com.
Web site address is www.vevinyl.baka.com.
  - Patrick, Vintage Emporium Records


Factory Music (Where to find music)continued...
I'd like to plug my Amazon.com link from the website. I get a few pennies off each sale, so BUY BUY! Ha Ha. Seriously, I purchased AFOS 20 Classics of the 80's for $6.99 (plus S&H) a couple weeks ago from my own link. Amazon is cool.

Otherwise, check out your local import Record stores - ask them to dig for you. Buy something from them - an old Book of Love CD or something. Sell them one of your 20 mint Listen picture discs. (Yes, I have a couple - they're pretty).

Where to find some rarities:
http://www.ebay.com I found 13 responses to my query "Flock of Seagulls" with one guy selling (apparently) his whole collection for $65.
  - Steve Pariseau

A directory of almost every UK record shop and dealer on the web. If fans are looking for British releases is a good starting point. - Jules

Electrics (Mike's Equipment)
Let's see. Early stuff used on flock records:
Well early on my main synth was a Korg MS 10, A mono synth with patch cords (still the fatest sound I ever heard !!). I put it through an electro harmonix chorus box to give it a stereo effect and spread the sound a bit - that did all the drone and bass sounds. And for strings and pads I had a Korg Delta. None of these synths had memories so it was all in my head and it made each night on stage a little more interesting. When we recorded the first record I also used a Jupiter 8 which had just come out. I would have liked to buy one but they were very rare and expensive, but I did get one later on. It was stolen from my house in the UK and I replaced it with an Ensoniq ESQ1 - that started my Ensoniq days. I still use mainly Ensoniq, but not for much longer. I am probably going back to using Korg. They, in my opinion, are the most innovative of all the synth builders.
The Stuff I use now:

Yamaha CS1x, Akai S900 (Sampler)
Roland jp 8000 and jv 8080 and d-110
Kurzweill k2000, Ensoniq sq 80 and ts10
Kawai k1r rack (Synth Module), Alesis d4 drum module, Yamaha rm 50 drum module, Drum kat controller, and a Korg ddd-1 drum machine

Gibson es-135, Gretsch sparkle jet, and a Squier strat. I have an original Spector bass
I use a Line 6 AX2 212 tube model (like a synth in many ways)
Mixers - Digital:
I have an Ovation Acoustic to record demo's on and possibly Seagulls songs. I use a Yamaha o1v mixer and a pro 1 mixer all my midi is put through a midi time piece 2 and I have a 24 bit pro tools system. I have the gold bundle plug-ins from waves and several other TDM plug ins and I use digital performer as a sequencer and Cbase audio (soon upgrading to vst 24) running on a Mac 7100/80. I also have a PC running Cakewalk 7 (which is great). I also have a couple of Aphex mic pre amps, an Aphex tube eq's - both are great pieces of gear.
That is basically it. I have other pieces just lying around that I don't really use, but who knows they may be racked up again one day and bring new sound to life again.